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Jul 19, 2012 1:00am PDT
for the conservative caucus is the panama canal. their idea, roughly speaking, is we need to invade panama and talk the panama canal back because obviously, communists or something. the panama canal and up all night hair on fire fantasies about communists coming up the canal to come get us in the middle of the night, those have been around for a while, in the 1970s and the 1980s. the panama canal was the fast and furious, birth certificate, the president is a secret muslim conspiracy theory of its day. when that panama canal conspiracy theory was lighting up the tin foil hats of the generation ago, it was an ambition politician named ronal reagan who took that issue from the fringe and decide today mainstream it into national mainstream republican politics. he based his presidential campaign in part on this insane idea that the panama canal was basically an american state that we can't let the communists steal this american thing from us. he mainstreamed this paranoid far right fantasy that if we went along with our treaty obligations to let panama run its own canal, then america would seize to exi
Jul 22, 2012 11:00pm PDT
for business. and what better way than to celebrate another world class construction project the panama canal. >> the excuse was the panama canal had been a proposition before congress for some time to have something to celebrate like the panama canal. of course the people of san francisco wanted it to show that they rebuilt their city and you know, one of the slogans was the city that knows how. >> reporter: so was born the concept for the panama pacific international exposition. the world's fair of 1915. raising as much as $16 million and beats cities such as san diego, washington, d.c. and new orleans. san francisco won the federal government's designation to hold the official fair to honor the opening of the panama canal. and with dry land as a premium, fair organizers decided to make land. and build the fair in a marshy area on the north shore of san francisco, edged with creeks and coves. work began in 1911. and that's where the sand came in. this is filmore street in the marina district. today the bay lies about a block and half that way. but the shoreline used to be across the street.
Jul 17, 2012 5:30pm PDT
: from panama, the story of a tug-of-war in the rain forest between a canadian mining company and the local community. >> is building what would be one of the biggest compromises in the world. right in the middle of the rain forest. home to thousands of animal and plant species. some of them endangered. >> ifill: and we close with a mystery about an electric guitar that just might be the same one bob dylan played at the 1965 newport fo festival. it's rock and roll history. we'd love to see his guitar to either learn if we made a mistake and how we made the mistake or if we have the real thing. >> ifill: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> bnsf railway. >> and by the alfred p. sloan foundation. supporting science, chnology, and improved economic peormance and financial literacy in the 21st century. and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank
Jul 6, 2012 4:00pm PDT
signs trade deals with south korea panama, and columbia. colombia. i'm not in favor of the panama trade deal why? because panama is a giant tax haven. that's probably why mitt romney loves it. who does it help? not you. do you have a tax shelter in panama welcome unless you're a giant multimillion international corporation, i doubt it. he's not done yet. he'll talk about his tax plan. gee, i wonder who this helps. >> i'll bring down the corporate tax rate from 35% to 25%. and individual tax rate, 20% across the board. >> cenk: once again that would help the giant corporations and the really really rich. it would add $600 billion to the deficit. that is almost all going to the rich. i thought you were going to balance the budget, no you're increasing the budget. the corporate taxes in 2011 were at a 40-year low. they're at tax rate of 12.1%. how low can you make them? mitt romney will give it a shot. do you think that would help you? it's not going to help you. if that would help, it would have helped under bush. mitt romney's campaign is not designed to help you. it's designed to help t
Jul 11, 2012 8:00am PDT
trusties, but, trust, panama corporations would raise red flags with any tax authority. it is what mitt romney says about this, you say, that is of concern. nick shaxson? >> yes. this is a very important point. people seek offshore tax havens as a shady little island somewhere. one of the things i explore in my book, "treasure island's," since the 1970's, the u.s. itself has been turning itself quite deliberately into a tax haven in its own right. attracting foreign money, a lot of illicit for money from overseas through offering things such as special tax exemptions and secrecy -- financial secrecy. delaware and nevada and wyoming, offering very, very low cost, strong secrecy through corporations. this is profoundly difficult thing. one of many vehicles through which this illicit money can come in is the private equity business. there is no requirement on private equity companies to enforce the tax laws of other countries. a filing i am covered during my research -- i am covered during my research showed the strange entities in the bahamas and panama, all of these places are renowned t
Jul 25, 2012 12:00am EDT
: hi i'm jimmy and this is guillermo, who is just back from panama with captain morgan rum. >> guillermo: yes jimmy, i was there to find the ship of the real captain henry morgan. >> jimmy: captain henry morgan was a real guy whose ship sank off the coast of panama. >> guillermo: yes jimmy. almost 400 years ago. >> jimmy: and captain morgan rum sent you to go investigate? >> guillermo: yes jimmy. >> jimmy: why? >> guillermo: i don't know. just be quiet and roll the tape. >> hi, i'm guillermo. i am here at castillo san morento. >> the fort was built by the spanish to protect the original panama canal, that attracted morgan here to get his hands on some of the gold. he ran his flag ship aground on the reef right there. >> you go scuba diving to find the ships? >> absolutely. >> enough history. let's go! >> yeah. ♪ >> hold on. give me one minute. it's not easy to be a pirate. look, i broke my sword. >> pirates gambled their lives to make a big payoff, sometimes you retire rich like captain henry morgan did. >> i drink to that, hold this. to captain henry morgan and to life!
Jul 11, 2012 6:30pm PDT
lavado de dinero. >> más del 80% de la cocaina tranportada vía marina, en el ismo de panama en el caribe, siguen deportando en operacion martillo, continua la caceria de contrabandistas. >> estamos cerca de las costas de panamá y colombia, un avión sobrevuela la zona buscando narcotraficantes. pilotos bomberos y mecanicos revisan la pista para que no se entorpezcan las operaciones de vuelo, un sea hawk se eleva majestuosamente sobre el usnicholas. >> van por la fragata en movimiento, ahora bien imaginese hacer esto en la plena oscuridad sin usar luces. >> la marina de los estados unidos es una de las unicas que hace estas maniobra en la noche. >> este piloto hispano hace estas maniobras de noche, >> poca percepcion, solamente por la luna y las estrellas, pero tenemos sensores y mucha tecnologia. >> usted tiene que nir y aterrizar acá. >> es lo difícil, pero tenemos mucho entrenamiento. >> estas son imágenes de película, lo que llaman en la marina, para que la fragata funcione hay que mantenerla continuamente lijando áreas oxidadas para pintarlas después. >> todo lo que pasa tras
Jul 19, 2012 8:00am PDT
investment funds from wealthy foreigners most of the money through corporations registered in panama. some of the most secretive of business laws exist there in panama. does that story prove the president's points, that business leaders don't come by successful initiatives on their own? >> well, i think certainly not, tom. i think the recent polls you've cited have shown that the president's false attacks on mitt romney aren't working right now and the people care about the economy. i want to turn to your point about the context of the president's you didn't build that remark. there was a good article by phil klein this morning saying that the contextually made that comment worse. if you look at the whole speech and what he's arguing, it's that the way that we're going to fix this economy, the way that we're going to get out of this ditch is through more government and not by unleashing the private sector. his argument was that people, small business owners, you're not that smart, you didn't work that hard, you didn't earn that. it happened because of the government. that's the wrong way t
Jul 5, 2012 6:00am PDT
it plans to resume research whaling. south korea made the announcement at a meeting in panama city of the international whaling commission, or iwc. delegate kang joon-suk says his country may start hunting whales again. the fishermen are complaining it's defeating fishing stocks. they will submit a tropt the next iwc commission. kang sought support from the other commission members. he says cultural diversity should be respected. south korea's decision angered nations that oppose whaling. >> i am very disappointed by the announcement by south korea. we are completely opposed to whaling. there's no excuse for scientific whaling. and i have instructed our ambassador in south korea to raise this matter today at the highest levels of the korean government. >> we hope there will be a period of reflection so that international reaction can be taken into account by korean decisionmakers. >> macaulay says the mammals are already targeted by japan, and south korea's move is a setback for whale conservation. japan conducts research whaling in the antarctic and pacific oceans under an interna
Jul 12, 2012 11:00pm PDT
recien nacidos. take vo ---y en panama, la policia de ese pais encontro una fuerte resistencia con indigenas que no querian entregar lanchas utilizadas para el trafico de drogas y que fueron abandonadas en la isla donde reside su tribu. ---segun las autoridades, los narcotrafican tes se aprovechan de los "kuna yala" ..una tribu que tiene su propio gobierno y policia y que no acta ordenes de ninguna autoridad panameÑa. cu --lo hicieron por segunda vez y ahora sus familiares seÑalan a los culpables. --se trata del caso de los 2 niÑos hondureÑos que intentaron cruzar solos la frontera entre mexico y estados unidos. --vamos con el reportaje de jazive perez. 00:02 00:38 01:16 01:34 take pkg roll weather open topvo ---mas de 500 bomberos batallan para contener un incendio forestal que ha forzado la evacuacion de unas 200 personas y que ha quemado mas de 300 acres de vegetacion. ---el siniestro llamado "robbers" comenzo el miercoles por la tarde en el caÑon "shirt-tail", unas 40 millas al noreste de auburn en el condado de placer. ---ahora pasamos con ariel rodriguez y su pronostico
Jul 17, 2012 4:30am EDT
. if you're watching us on news channel 7, panama city, florida, learn about the science of motion at 12 hands-on stations including one of billing a downhill racer that rolls, drops, and bounces at the science of discovery center. and that's your "early today" event of the day, lynn. >> bill, thanks so much. >>> and now here's an early look at this morning's headlines in entertainment. well, charlie sheen is giving a million dollar to the uso. that's the largest donation ever. charlie also says 1% of his profits from his new show "anger management" will go to support the organization. >>> beyonce has recorded a video reading a letter she wrote michelle obama praising her this year of a strong example of a strong african-american woman. >>> reports say jennifer lopez and steven tyler were both actually fired by "american idol," but allowed to spin it as if they left by choice. perez hilton quotes sources who say lopez asked for a $2 million raise -- i believe that -- and was shocked to be told instead she's going to be let go. >> i wanted to be at that meeting. >> with tyler, his option
Jul 12, 2012 9:00am PDT
, bain and co-people. there are also these kind of mysterious, you know, there's a geneva trustee, panama corporations. there are trusts. these are, for any tax authority around the world, these are big red flags. camp panama, i describe in the article, a u.s. customs official calling it one of the filthiest money laundering sinks in the world. this is not -- we're not talking here about u.s. investors breaking u.s. tax -- we are talking about foreigners cloaking their money in these offshore structures and the money coming in. and that just raises an awful lot of questions. you know, did those investors break their own country tax laws? are they committing tax evasion in those countries? el salvador was certainly one of the countries where a lot of those investors were coming from. you know, that was a country torn apart by class warfare and military conflict. you know, this kind of thing about tax evasion can, you know, is sort of a symptom of the kind of impunity of the elite of these countries. it raises a very sort of nasty set of questions about, you know, was that a vehicle for for
Jul 27, 2012 12:00am PDT
>> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy and this is guillermo, who is back from panama for captain morgan original spiced rum. over the past two nights, we've watched with awe as guillermo learned about the real captain morgan, and tonight, it all comes together as our little friend dives into history. this is it guillermo, are you ready? >> yeah, whatever. roll the tape. >> guillermo: i'm guillermo, on on the panama to find the chip from captain morgan. >> do you have something to get wet sne. >> guillermo: yeah, hold on. ta-da. >> you're weird. you're going to get down tlp and see a sweet ship wreck. we'll see wooden chests and show you some of the features of the ship and how it wrecked. >> guillermo: i'm not too happy about this. >> one, two, three. >> guillermo: seriously, i'm done. wow, man. it's nice, but it's not for me. it's time for captain morgan. >> dicky: to learn more about the dive and the adventures of the real captain henry morgan visit morgan usa. >> jimmy: "jimmy kimmel live" back in two minutes with jessica biel, adam richman and music from rick ross. hey w
Jul 4, 2012 11:00pm PDT
's architecture of piece, especially the panama treat, panama canal treaty. >> and talk about president kennedy during the three years as a presidential qualities that he had. >> he was one who certainly did learn from mistakes. i mean the cuban missile crisis handled so brilliantly in part because he learned from the mistakes of the bay of pigs. so he had a certain kind of rational intellectual ability to look at himself from the outside in, he also had a sense of humor, which means he could make self depractice a toir .. remarks, it is so missing in our culture today, if lincoln said you are two-faced mr. lyndon if i had two faces do you think i would be wearing this face? but i think, you know, jfk will still be in our memory because of the youth because of that period of time, the 60s opening up to civil rights, opening up to great changes this the role of government. the excitement of that time, there is only three years, i remember one time bobby kennedy was lamenting jfk had three years and my husband said, don't worry, bobby, julius sea star only had three years and bobby turned to him
Jul 4, 2012 9:30am EDT
through the panama
Jul 4, 2012 5:30pm EDT
. she was towed all along the east coast, down along the gulf coast and even through the panama canal all of the way up the west coast to washington state and then back home. so she visited 76 different ports, over 4.5 million people got to see constitution in their home port during this time when our nation so needed something
Jul 6, 2012 2:00pm EDT
that in panama and other places. and it's a cash transfer from governmental and the communities. it's looking at the absolute poorest of the poor, people who may not access services and people who may not even be registered for government services and it's providing incentive to go out and to identify individuals and to identify them in cree aft ways to perhaps go beyond the traditional mechanisms for traditional cash transfer which, if your children go to school you may receive some food subsidies and there's been some discussion with indigenous communities as to how to tweak that basket of goods to make sure it's culturally appropriate so that you're buying more local food products so that you're not changing communities' diets or their values or principles. i think one of the main areas and that's an example of public aid and public aid for the u.s. and latin america has been driven by the good neighbor policy. good neighbor policy combined with citizen security policy and i would argue that right now our u.s., and i'm speak as a u.s. citizen, are foreign policies of latin america have has
Jul 12, 2012 5:30pm PDT
by shrapnel when a shell hit their house. this doctor is a syrian american pediatrician from panama city florida. he volunteers at the refugee camps here and told us that many children have been traumatized. >> " where's my house, where is my freedom? where's my backyard? where's my garden? all that is gone. they cannot understand that. >> those that make it to turkey are the lucky ones. more than 1400 children have been killed in side of syria. many more have been maimed. and a united nations report says that boys as young as 10 have been detained and tortured. in an apartment near the syrian border we met this girl. she told us that she is 12 years old, but when we asked what had happened to her, she could not speak. tears were streaming from her eyes. her uncle told us that her home was hit by a shell, killing her pregnant mother and two siblings. he too was afraid to show his face. >> the children and syria suffer so much, every day they're being killed or injured,. this doctor said it was the stark reality that moved him to come to the camps. >> might feel like i need to do my job >
Jul 8, 2012 8:00pm PDT
the persian gulf ended many cruises in the caribbean, the panama canal, the north atlantic, a 35 ft. seas. this is where the big decisions of the world war two were made. we helped to show career during the korean war and even during the cold war. back in the forties, president roosevelt was on board this shift. it was used as a taxi to go across the ocean to meet with stalin. he was in a wheelchair in this is where he stayed, this is the only ship in the navy with the bath tub. in the '80s, they retrofitted the ship for anti-aircraft. here is one of her guns. 16 in. in diameter. the ships sat for 20 years. to look at her the wishes of the couple of months ago compared to now is amazing. >> the iowa received thousands of visitors on its first day open. >> breaking up is never easy, especially if it is with a credit card. coming we will show you how to cut the cord. we will take a look at the box office movies. off the >>vicki: of breaking up is hard to do. clothes and a credit card can sometimes be even harder putting a big dent in your credit score. kevin kate has tips to minimize the da
Jul 12, 2012 7:00pm EDT
nell when a shell hit their house. dr. yihia rahim is a syrian american pediatrician from panama city, florida. he volunteers at the refugee camps here and he told us that many children have been traumatized. >> where is my house. where is my room, where is my toys. where is my freedom where. is my backyard where is my garden. all of it gone. so they cannot understand it. >> reporter: but those who make it to turkey are the lucky ones. more than 1400 children have been killed inside syria. many more have been maimed. and a united nations report says boys as young as ten have been detained and tortured. in an apartment near the syrian border we met this grl. she told us that she is 12 years old but when we asked what had happened to her she couldn't speak. tears streamed from her eyes. her uncle told us her home was hit by a shell killing her pregnant mother and two siblings. tee was afraid to show his face. the children in syria suffer so much, he said. every day they are being killed or injured. dr. rahim said it was this stark reality that moved him to come to the camp. >> i feel i
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Jul 5, 2012 3:00am PDT
's personal journey from freedom to panama and the recent return to the country. >> and your american flag, it might have been made in china. american flag made in china. >> check the label. >> let's talk about that coming back. [ male announcer ] introducing a powerful weapon in your fight against bugs. ortho home defense max. with a new continuous spray wand. and a fast acting formula. so you can kill bugs inside, and keep bugs out. guaranteed. ortho home defense max. introducing share everything. unlimited talk. unlimited text. tap into a single pool of sharable data and add up to 10 different devices, including smartphones and tablets. the first plan of its kind. share everything. only from verizon. now add a tablet for only $10 monthly access. ♪ wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8. they claim to be complete. only centrum goes beyond. providing more than just the essential nutrients, so i'm at my best. centrum. always your most complete. >> welcome back. time for your
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 104 (some duplicates have been removed)